Ramrods Regimental Reunion

May 2023

Where: Pigeon Forge, TN

When: May 18 – 21

Norma Dan Motel

Rooms at Norma Dan’s are about out. If you made a reservation last year and have never reconfirmed, please call Norma Dan’s and reconfirm now, (800) 219-6809.

Norma Dan’s is still holding last year’s reservation. If you are NOT coming to this year’s Reunion they would like to free up your reserved room(s) to accommodate RAMRODS trying to get a room now.

Registration information

You can join our reunion Facebook group here.

Society of the First Infantry Division Reunion

July 2022

Where: Fort Worth, TX

When: July 20-24

Please check back for more information regarding this reunion or the Society’s website here.

Reunion Raffle Tickets

You can purchase tickets online using the links below, or you can print out and purchase your tickets via mail by Wednesday, July 13, 2022, if you are not attending.

For those attending, you can purchase your raffle up to 3 pm on Saturday, July 23rd from the onsite quartermaster. 

1 x 2022 Raffle Ticket

1 x 2022 Raffle Sheet (12 Tickets)

Society of the Fifth Division Reunion




Check the Society of the Fifth Division’s site here, for more details.

National Association of the 10th Mountain Division




Check the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division’s site here, for more details.

RequeSociety of the Fifth Division Reunionst for Action for the First Infantry DivisionSociety of the Fifth Division Reunion

The First Infantry Division wants some opinions on which city you would be interested to go to in 2023. The options are:

  1. Philly
  2. Nashville
  3. San Antonio
  4. Las Vegas Plaza Casino

They would like to have an answer by 12/31, So please give some thought to which city you would prefer for the 2023 REUNION. Please let us know by email to SecInfReg (you can click on the address to send) with your name and choice of city. Sorry about the late posting of this matter but again your prompt response would be appreciated.Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And Thank you, John Kerins