The crest

The shield is on a saltire between in fess across paste and a five-bastioned fort gules and on a giant cactus vert, two arrows in a quiver proper crossed with bole argent hilted sable. Attached below the shield is a blue scroll inscribed “NOLI ME TANGERE” in gold letters.

The Crest
is on a wreath of colors a lion pattee.
The Motto is “Noli Me Tangere” (Do not Touch Me)

The symbolism
of the Regimental Crest is explained in its history.  Service in the Civil War is shown by the blue cross from the Confederate flag and the red cross pattee, the badge of the 18th Division, V Corps, in which the Regiment served during the greater part of that war.  Service in the Mexican war is shown by the cactus, in the war with Spain by the five-bastioned fort, the badge of the V Corps in Cuba. The Indian Campaigns of the Regiment are shown by the arrows and quiver, and the bolo is for the Philippine insurrection.


Our History

Regimental March |Sousa often remarked that the old Scottish ballad “Annie Laurie” was the most beautiful of all folk songs. He wrote this march around it in 1883, but in spite of several printings, it was soon forgotten.